Being a stay-at-home dad is on-trend – and ‘it’s amazing’

The Somerfelds are not an anomaly. More American dads than ever — double in the last decade — have taken on the challenge of full-time parenting, according to the Pew Research Center.

There is no snooze button at the Somerfeld household on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. While Lance Somerfeld puts a pink tank top and matching skirt on his daughter Jade, 4, his wife, Jessica, is buttoning her suit and heading out the door for work.

“Dads should definitely do it because it is awesome. You get to bond with your kid,” said Daniel Svanberg, writer and stay-at-home father to Mina, 15 months. “You just get to discover this little person, and see them grow up. it’s amazing.”

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