New York Harbor pipeline fight escalates as feds near approval deadline


Local environmental groups are intensifying their two-year-long fight to stop a controversial pipeline carrying fracked gas that they say will threaten marine life in New York Harbor.

As the April 25 deadline for federal approval of the Northeast Enhancement Pipeline approaches, pipeline opponents are bracing for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to approve the project. If it is approved, Oklahoma-based Williams Energy could build a 23-mile offshore pipeline connecting an existing pipeline underneath Queens’ Jacob Riis Park to New Jersey’s Raritan Bay. The commission found the project’s environmental impact to be minimal and temporary in its environmental impact statement filed Jan. 25.

Stop the Williams Pipeline, a coalition of over 200 groups opposing the pipeline, says the project will set back the recent revitalization of marine life in New York Harbor.

“There has been such a rebirth of life in these waters,” said Paul Sieswerda, founder of Gotham Whale, a citizen scientist group that tracks whales. “We would like to keep it that way, but this pipeline is a problem.”

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