The Valuable Girl Project

According to the 2005 World Economic Forum report, women in Egypt are the furthest behind men in terms of economic equality and access to education. Out of 30 industrialized countries and 28 emerging market countries, Egypt came in last (58th). At home, in their communities, and even in their schools and classrooms, girls often receive the message that their education is not important. At school, girls are a minority in the classroom, especially in older grades. Teachers ignore their presence in the classroom and devalue the importance of their education. Girls’ educational environment at school and at home is hostile to their learning. Yet research has shown that education for girls is the most effective way to end the cycle of poverty, because it is the education of the mother that determines the poverty of the child. That’s why a major focus of our overall goal at Coptic Orphans is empowering the girl child through education, and why we developed the Valuable Girl Project.

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